Airtel TV App Launch

I helped launch Airtel TV, a one-stop app for all your entertainment needs (live TV, movies, music, sports, and more!)

The Challenge:

Get people to download and use the all-new Airtel TV app.

My Role:

Lead the marketing strategy to drive app downloads from 0 to over 1 million on both Android and iPhone.

What I Did:
Identified the Perfect Audience: We figured out exactly who would love Airtel TV by researching and creating detailed profiles of ideal users.

Targeted Ads with Clear Messaging: 

We used online advertising (social media, search engines, and other platforms) to reach the right people with messages showcasing all the exciting features of Airtel TV.

Built Buzz and Community:

We didn’t just rely on ads! We also created organic ways to get people excited about Airtel TV, like building online communities and grassroots marketing efforts.

The Result:

Over 1 million app downloads and a successful launch for Airtel TV!

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