Building Trust for a New FinTech Player: How We Won Over Businesses

The Challenge:

Launching a new FinTech payment API in a crowded market where trust is hard-earned.

Our Strategy:

1. Multi-Channel Social Media Blitz:

We used a paid social media campaign across different platforms to get our name out there and reach key decision-makers in large corporations and small businesses.

2. Building Credibility with Video:

We started with branded videos showcasing the product’s features and benefits.  We also included testimonials from real businesses already using and loving the API.  These videos were optimized to get maximum views.

3. Identifying Hot Leads: 

We used sophisticated tracking to identify users who watched a significant portion (over 75%) of our initial videos.  These highly engaged viewers were likely the most interested merchants.

4. Retargeting with Personalized Offers: 

Those engaged viewers were then retargeted with ads that took them directly to the product signup page.

5. The AI Edge: 

We planned to leverage cutting-edge AI technology to listen to conversations happening on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  When our target audience used specific keywords related to their business needs (customers, revenue, payments, etc.),  we’d use AI to serve them personalized ad copy and creative assets specifically addressing those pain points.

By combining a multi-channel approach, powerful video content, and smart retargeting, we aimed to build trust and convert potential customers into happy FinTech users for Flutterwave!

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