The Diva Shop

“We totally crushed this campaign during the lockdown!”

Here’s why:

Spotting the Opportunity:

We saw a golden opportunity when everyone was stuck at home. Big tech companies like Google (YouTube) and Twitter gave us exclusive data showing a huge jump in online activity and specific things people were interested in beauty & luxury.

Targeting the Right People: 

Using the insights from Google and Twitter, we identified different customer groups with unique interests.

Tailored Messaging: We created two types of content for each group:

Branded Content:

Eye-catching ads to build brand awareness.

Influencer Content:

Partnering with influencers people trust to create content that makes them want to buy our product (consideration) or buy more (upsell/cross-sell).

Driving Action: 

We primarily used Facebook to get people to take the next step, whether it was visiting a product page (SHOP NOW) or making a purchase.

Results:  9X ROAS

This combination of sharp data insights, targeted content, and a clear call to action led to a hugely successful campaign!”

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